Working On Personal Development ~ Some Important Questions

Working on personal development

Have you been thinking about your personal development? Many people don’t know where they stand with their personal development. They don’t know how to tell if they’re staying on track or if they’ve wandered off the path.

This article will cover the five key questions that you can ask yourself to check on your personal development and keep it going in the right direction.

1) Do you like yourself?
This is the most important first question that you could ask yourself when it comes to personal development. Personal development is all about you; it doesn’t matter what others think about you. Your personal development is all about making you a better person for yourself.

If you don’t like yourself, your personal development is not going in the right direction or has stagnated. The whole point of personal development is to make you into the person you want to be that you like. If you answered no to this question, it’s time to regroup, refocus, and start over.

2) Do you feel like you have morally good views and practices?
Morality is subjective, but you must stay true to your moral compass. If you feel like there’s something shady in your beliefs or practices, you need to work on getting back on track for positive personal development.

This question will help you practice analyzing your behaviors, decisions, and actions daily. We recommend asking yourself this while meditating, allowing yourself to examine your whole day in great detail closely. This will help you more closely see where you need to adjust to continue with personal development and become the person you want to be.

3) Are you pleased with the decisions you’ve made?
Part of personal development involves your happiness. You have to be happy with the person you are, the person you’re becoming, and the life you’re choosing to lead. All of your efforts towards personal development mean absolutely nothing if you’re not happy.

Take time regularly to reflect on your life and all the decisions you’ve made along the way. Are you happy with the career path you’ve chosen? Does the life you’ve built for yourself so far make you happy? Does the person you are make you happy? If there was one decision you could make that would make you happier, what would it be?

4) How do others view you and react to you?
While your motivations for personal development must lie within yourself, we judge who we are as people compared to those around us. We use their reactions to our behavior and their opinions of us to help us judge how we view ourselves.

Sometimes we choose to throw these judgments out, like if we find the source not credible, but others we do take into consideration to either be proud of where we are now or make adjustments.

5) Where do you want to go?
While it’s important to not focus solely on your desired end result and enjoy the journey, it’s still essential to have a loose goal in mind. You want to know what you’re working towards, but you don’t want to have a hard cut-off point. The whole point of personal development is that it’s a life-long journey. You don’t reach the end goal until you’ve completed the entire journey.

Working on personal development

If you have a challenging goal and don’t keep yourself open to expanding beyond that, your personal development will stagnate at that point. You won’t keep growing and developing; you’ll simply peak. It’s essential to make goals and achieve them, but don’t stop once you get them, create a new goal.

5 Important Questions To Ask Yourself When You Are Working On Personal Development