When you first start your development journey, it can be tempting to take shortcuts. You think you already know who you are, what you want and stand for, and how to lead by example. But that’s not how the human mind works. We often hide truths from ourselves and are not honest with ourselves about these issues. So follow these best practices for starting your development journey so that you will succeed.

Please don’t skip the SWOT: You must analyze yourself in every aspect of your life to find out what your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats are for each of the target areas you want to address. For example, if you do a SWOT and find that you are not very good at something, you have a choice. You can find someone to do it for you, or you can get training to learn it. 

Nurture your strengths – When you do the SWOT for an area of your life, you will also identify your strengths. The best thing you can do in life is to choose to lead from your strengths. You want to keep doing the things you are strong at and learn to do them even better because you are clearly interested in those things.

Improve your weaknesses: If you find out that you are weak in a particular area, you need to determine whether you need to improve that area yourself or outsource it. To determine which is better, ask yourself if it really matters who does it or just that it gets done. 

Understand the three areas of personal development – These are: physical, cognitive, and social-emotional. Together, these areas encompass all aspects of your life, including health, work, personal growth, spiritual life, etc. Working on all aspects of your life is usually much better than focusing on just one because sometimes they are indistinguishable from each other. 

Plan for action: When you are working on your plan, nothing is done until you have taken steps that involve action and put it on your calendar so you can do it. Whether you do it yourself or outsource it, execution is the most crucial part of the plan.

Please focus on the right goal first: One of the reasons it’s helpful to go through each area and topic before creating a plan is to know which topic to focus on first. For example, you can’t write a novel until you can read, and you can’t learn to write until you can read, first things first. 

Be persistent: Once you have your action plan developed based on reality and not how you would like it to be, all you have to do is be persistent and take the steps to success. It is that simple. Once you have the steps in your calendar and start to implement them, your life will change.

Take a coach: If you understand everything, but your implementation skills leave something to be desired, you can hire a life coach to help you. If you know some life coaches who specialize in personal development, you could talk to them. If you don’t know anyone, ask your colleagues for recommendations. They probably know someone or can refer you to someone who knows more about the subject. 

One thing to remember about personal development is that it is an ongoing process. You are never finished with it. There is no natural finish line. For this reason, it is best to develop persistence and perseverance as you follow the path you have created for yourself, gradually adjusting based on facts and learning deep in your subconscious what is really and truly important to you. It is about knowing who you are and living a life that exemplifies who you are.

I Got My Astrazeneca Jab And Lived To Tell


vaccinationDid I mention I received my Covid vaccine Friday 26th of February?
No? I guess not.

Anyway. The vaccination itself was painless. I must admit that I felt a bit under the weather Friday night and Saturday.
On Sunday, I started feeling better again, and by Sunday afternoon, I was my old shiny self.

Because I already had a spell of Corona in October last year, my body might have responded slightly more aggressively to this new virus boost than it would have compared to others receiving their first shot, having never had corona before.

But to make an already long story short. I’m glad I had my AstraZeneca shot. I hope to be able to revisit our son. He lives in the UK. And as you might know, the borders are still practically closed between the UK and the rest of Europe.

I also posted another article on Medium and several articles on my main website.

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The weather has changed for the worst this past week. It’s gotten a bit colder. It always surprises me how easy it is to adjust when things get better. And how difficult it is to adjust if situations worsen.

Using Medium For The First Time

I have been using Hubpages for a long time. With some success, I might say.

But now it is time to take a closer look at Medium.
Medium is an open platform where readers find dynamic thinking, and where expert and undiscovered voices can share their writing on any topic.

I published 2 articles there today. I”ll link to them below.


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Gratitude is being thankful for

When you focus on what you have and appreciate it, you will live a happier life.

Appreciate the smallest of things in life as it can lead to some of the biggest rewards.

Self-gratitude is often the hardest. Each day, write down something about yourself that you are grateful for.

Express your gratitude daily to people in your life and watch your relationships flourish.

To be grateful, you need to understand what you have. Acknowledge the hard times to develop a sense of appreciation. Without the bad or hard times, you would have nothing to compare the good times to.

Don’t focus on yourself but on others. Gratitude is being thankful for what others have done for you or on your behalf.