A Journey To Self-Improvement

Can you start being better at living?
I do think so!

I’m 63 years old at the time of writing.
And I still see room for improvement.

Do you ever feel that you are not making the best of your life? Or that you suck at doing the right thing or doing things right? 

If so, try to see yourself as a painter. For that is what you are. That is what every human being is. 

Just as a painter can get better and better at handling the brush, every person can get better and better at living a life that comes close to their ideal life. 

There are still many canvasses to paint, regardless of your age!

On this website, I touch on several topics that you could use to make the best of every second, every hour, and every day.

Life is too short to let it slip away through your fingers. 

Don’t be like Basil Fawlty in the British television sitcom Fawlty Towers, who comes to an awful conclusion in discussion with his wife.

Basil Fawlty : [putting an arm around Sybil] Seriously, Sybil, do you remember, when we were first manacled together, we used to laugh quite a lot?

Sybil Fawlty : [she pushes him off and exits] Yes, but not at the same time, Basil.

Basil Fawlty : [to himself] Ah, that’s true. That was a warning all right, I guess? Should have spotted that, shouldn’t I? Zhoom! What was that? That was your life, Mate! Oh, that was quick. Do I get another? Sorry, Mate. That’s your lot.

Life as a process

Can you get better at life? Yes, you can. Life is a process. Of course, life is not always easy, but you can learn to master the art of living and get better at it. You can create and empower the right mindsets, and you can drop the wrong attitudes. Living is a skill, and you can make it your own!

Life Insights

Think of the world around you as a source of input. Everything you encounter in your life can bring you valuable insight. Although you can learn a lot from other people, the best way to gain wisdom is to discover yourself. After all, they are your life insights, and you will thus be more inclined to do something with them in your life. And that is precisely where the power of insights lies: applying them in your life and thereby improving your life. During your life, you keep gaining wisdom, and every time you have the chance to let them do their magical work,

Now you might ask.

How can I further strengthen my personal development? Do you have tips for me? Because most people want to get to know themselves better, want to be challenged and inspired.

I am sure you’ll find useful insights and tips by diving deeper into Time Management & Goal Setting topics, to name just a few.

So, I do hope this website will help you paint your canvas and create a beautiful painting.

A Journey To Self-Improvement

These are early days in the life of this website. But I am sure that in time I will touch on many subjects. You can think of, for example.

Improvement tips for your life. Like daily walks of at least 30 minutes and drinking more (filtered) water.

There is probably a difference between your current situation and your goals and dreams. That in itself is not bad at all. I will reflect on this via topics in the area of personal growth.

In practice, unlearning a bad habit is quite tricky. I will also pay attention to unlearning bad habits and learning good habits. This is one of the subjects that excites me.

A website about self-improvement can’t do without dwelling on mindfulness. What is mindfulness? Mindfulness does not aim to make you feel Better but to make you Feel better. There is a lot to be said about it. That also applies to meditation. Meditation is a powerful tool to get in touch with yourself.

Time management and goal setting, don’t get me started. So much to do, so little time. Journaling, I have to write that down before I forget!

To make it easier for you, I have collected all my articles in the archive section. You can also follow my blog entries here. If you want to see something specifically covered, send me a message via email.

Change your life, one affirmation at a time!